Trip Planning: 7 Keys to Planning a Successful Disney Trip

Keys to Planning a Successful TripNow that you’ve decided to take a trip to the most magical place on earth, you need to actually plan your trip.  Over the next several weeks, I’ll be introducing a series of blog posts that will help you plan your entire trip, start to finish.  Before we dive into the specific details, let’s go through the keys to planning a successful trip to Disney World.

How to Plan a Successful Disney Trip in 7 Easy Steps, by Fairytale Plans:

1)      Decide When to Go

2)      Choose Where to Stay

3)      To Drive or Fly?

4)      Determine your Touring Plan

5)      Make Dining Reservations

6)      Adjust Touring Plan and Add Details

7)      Add Pixie Dust

8)      Prepare to Depart

If you are looking for a detailed planning timeline, along with information on rides, characters and restaurants for each park, you can purchase our Deluxe Planning Package here.

Before we get started, I’ve included my list of ‘go to’ Disney Trip Planning Websites for you to use as an additional resource.

Disney Parks Blog – Your ‘go to’ resource for the latest happenings in the parks, including details on new experiences, merchandise, etc.  Membership is not required.

Touring Plans – We’ll cover the advantages and disadvantages of using crowd calendars in step 4.  If you decide to use one, Touring Plans is our most reliable resource.  There is a yearly subscriber fee, but if you decide to use the service to plan your park days, the nominal fee is more than worth it.  What you’ll make up for in park time is worth the few dollars.

Disney Food Blog – For anything you’ve ever wanted to know about Disney Dining, and then some, the Disney Food Blog is the place to go.  The blog is updated regularly with picture-heavy dining reviews of popular restaurants, unique dining experiences and events and creative ways to use your dining plan snack credits.   Membership is not required.

The DIS Boards – “The DIS” is the largest online community of Disney Park-goers.  It’s a great resource to ask questions about your trip, join in discussions about recent updates or changes to the Disney parks and read about or share recent trip experiences.  Be prepared if you use the forums to pose questions – everyone has an opinion and they rarely agree here.  You do not need a membership to view forum posts (although, you are subjected to more ads).  In order to reply to forum topics or start your own thread, you must have a free login.



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